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Available now in New Zealand

Phonak Audéo Life™

The world’s first waterproof* rechargeable hearing aid

* up to 50 cm or 1.64 feet

Phonak Audéo Life™ sets a new standard for reducing clients’ anxiety around water and physical activities.


Who is
Audéo Life for? 

• Clients who want extra protection from moisture and debris.
• Clients who participate in physical activities or activities around water.
• Clients with a history of hearing aid moisture issues.


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What makes

Audéo Life different? 

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Audéo Life has several key features that provide enhanced protection from moisture intrusion. These include:


• Additional protection over the rear microphone to protect from direct water pressure. (Note: this is the same microphone as Audéo P-R)

• Inductive charging that eliminates the need for titanium posts in the hearing aid, reducing the number of openings in the housing.

• Coating of the internal module and rechargeable battery with a thin layer of parylene (a flexible plastic polymer often used to protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage due to moisture and corrosion in inhospitable environments).

• Silicone seals added behind the receiver port, locking pins and housing seams.

• A pin-less receiver port that not only further reduces the number of open points in the housing, but also no longer requires a tool to change the receiver.  

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Audéo Life has

two charging options

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Phonak Charger Case Go and Phonak Life Charger™ With groundbreaking built-in lithium-ion rechargeable technology.

Charger Case Go features an internal Li-ion battery and inductive charging so you can charge your hearing aids on the go.  This battery has sufficient charge to fully charge the hearing aids up to 3 times.

For those who only require a plug-in version, the Phonak Life Charger has a sleek, easy-to-use design with inductive charging, fully charging a pair of hearing aids in 3 hours. 

Charger Case Go
Phonak Life Charger

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myPhonak App 6.1

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The new app has been completely redesigned and includes new features to view health tracking data, allowing clients to have health empowerment and hearing aid control at their fingertips.


Health data

Encourage physical well-being and hearing aid use

Remote Control

Simple and advanced sound modification sliders


Remote Support

Real-time hearing aid adjustments via video call

What does it do?

Clients can track their health data, adjust how their hearing aids sound in different listening environments and connect with their hearing care professional for support through virtual appointments. In addition, clients can also access information about their hearing aids.  

​Activity Tracking for all Audéo Paradise rechargeables**

  • Step counting in all Audéo Paradise rechargeables** 

  • Wearing time & Goal Setting in all Audéo Paradise rechargeables** 

  • Heart Rate Monitoring & distance tracking with the Audéo Fit 


Note: End-user login required for access to health information - see user guide below for more information


* Clients with smartphones supporting Bluetooth® 4.2, iOS 13.0 or later, or Android 7.0 or later
** Firmware update required for firmware earlier than 1.1.13 on Target 7.1.9 

Performance levels​


Audéo Life


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Roger microphones*

*Requires installation of Roger receivers into the hearing aids​
Roger On™​
Roger Select™​
Roger TableMic II​

Phonak Accessories

TV Connector

The Life Test:

How waterproof are they?

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Designing a robust hearing aid was only the start. A battery of additional tests beyond IP68 requirements was designed to highlight that Audéo Life could withstand harsher conditions. Depth tests in seawater and pool water were conducted using Audéo Life hearing aids.

Immersion testing​


The first test was a test of depth. Repeatedly simulating a dive into the water approximately 50 cm deep, 520 times. These two chambers were filled with water for 5 minutes, then drained and sat empty and humid for 10 minutes.

This simulated swimming with the hearing aids approximately twice weekly for five years.​

Sweat testing​ 


The final test simulated regular use in a warm, humid environment.


The hearing aids were placed in a warm, humid chamber and sprayed with a synthetic sweat mixture and allowed to dry and then rest in a high-humidity environment to simulate 2 workouts a week for 5 years.

Repairs & Warranty

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Hearing aids, like most electronic devices, are sensitive to moisture. Water, sweat, and other liquids can cause corrosion and damage internal circuitry and other components. However, with the new housing developments and optimisation of Audéo Life, our team is expecting fewer repairs, meaning clients are without their hearing aids for less time. 

With Audéo Life, all moisture repairs will be covered during the 36-month warranty period. Please note, that this excludes repairs for the receivers and wrong handling from the client.

We would love to hear your thoughts

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