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There's nothing like
the sound of Paradise

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Sound Quality

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Paradise is the perfect balance between sound quality & hearing performance.

There are 3 key new sound processing features in our new operating system: Autosense OS 4.0. Along with a new Phonak Fitting Formula: Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0.


Speech Enhancer

Increase soft speech understanding in calm situations


Motion Sensor Hearing

Hear your surroundings when in motion


Dynamic Noise Cancellation

Reduce background noise beside and behind the hearing aids

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APD 2.0

Learn about the new fitting algorithm & tips for fitting


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Paradise is compatible with millions of Bluetooth-enabled devices and Roger Technology.

Did you know there is a compatibility checker online to check if your cell phone is likely to connect to Phonak hearing aids?

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Bluetooth Connections

Pair up to 8 devices & have 2 connected simultaneously

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Tap Control

Double Tap your hearing aid to control Bluetooth features

Digital Solutions

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myPhonak App & Remote Support Compatibility. Paradise incorporates digital solutions to fit in with your client's lifestyle.

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myPhonak 6.0 app

More personalisation than ever before. New functions compatible with Paradise features.

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Tap Control

Live and real-time adjustments for when visiting a clinic isn't an option.

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Clinician Brochure

Client Brochure

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