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Launch Items

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EDM square images (20).png


Virto P Brochure Title.png

Virto P Brochure (click to view)

Audeo Fit Brochure Title.png

Audéo Fit Brochure (click to view)

2021-02-23 21_41_48-1118 Phonak Pamphlet

Phonak Audéo Paradise Client Brochure (click to view)

cros brochure.png

CROS P Brochure (click to view)

Phonak Slim Brochure Title.png

Slim P Brochure (click to view)

Serenity Hearing Protection Brochure.jpg

Serenity Hearing Protection Client Brochure (click to view)

Audeo Life Brochure Title.png

Audéo Life Brochure (click to view)

2021-02-22 12_19_54-1195 Phonak Naida Pa

Phonak Naída Paradise Client Brochure (click to view)


Audéo Life Poster (click to view)

Virto poster page 1.png

Virto P Poster (click to view)

Fit poster page 1.png

Audéo Fit Poster (click to view)

Slim poster page 1.png

Slim P Poster (click to view)




Phonak Naída P - UP dummy



Roger On (dummy)

Launch Items - Order Form

Please submit one order per clinic and only one dummy per clinician please. 

If you require any functioning equipment, please email nzorders@phonak.com

Thanks for submitting! For particular queries about launch items, please email: Josh.Hooper@Phonak.com