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myPhonak App

6.1 Version


A great resource is our myPhonak App 6.1 User Guide, which contains information on how to install, create an account, and pair the hearing aids to a phone.

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Quick Overview

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Important Notice

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With the release of myPhonak version 6.1, we no longer support legacy versions of the app. While the app may have a different look and feel, it has the same functionality as the previous version.
We apologise if there is any inconvenience caused by this change. Rest assured that we are actively looking into the feedback that we receive and are working on resolving any topics to ensure a seamless customer experience as fast as possible.

If you notice any other bugs, please feel free to let us know. It is very helpful if you are able to provide:

  • Screenshot of the error/bug

  • HA model

  • Phone model (and firmware)

  • Troubleshooting already done


Thank you for your patience, 

The Phonak Team 

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